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The Value of a PC with Genuine Windows® Software

The Value of a PC with Genuine Windows® Software

I had scan from a pemplate that I took from a computer shop in Plaza Low Yat, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and want it to be share with all of you.

Just make sure when you buy your notebook or computer, ask for original Microsoft software license, CD installer and keep it with you. List of software free and open source that can be installed in your notebook or computer can be refer here and in Malay

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Harisfazillah Jamel

22 Julai 2008.

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The Value of a PC with Genuine Windows® Software

Unlike pirated or fake copies of Microsoft® Windows, genuine Windows software is backed by Microsoft, comes with the complete set of features, delivers reliability you expect, and provides ongoing access to updates and enhancements, so your new PC running genuine Windows stays up to date and protected over the life of your PC.

You should buy a PC with genuine Windows in order to:
• Protect Yourself from Spyware: Genuine Windows users have access to the latest updates to Microsoft's anti-spyware application-helping to make sure the PC and the valuable work stored on your PC stay protected from future spyware threats.

• Receive Updates and Enhancements: Genuine Windows users get access to the latest versions, updates, and improvements to products such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer for superior entertainment and communication experience.

• Be Eligible for Exclusive Offers: Genuine Windows users have access to special offers and applications, and other new products as they are released by Microsoft.

Ask for. genuine Microsoft® software.

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Ask for Free and Open Source Software

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